Are You In Love With Your Rug? I Am!

If you know me then you are aware that I have an addiction. There is no cure, there is nothing that can be done, there is no hand large enough that could help me with this issue. It all comes down to this…my rug addiction.

Yes, you heard right. I’m ALWAYS looking for something new for my room. I do tend to change things often. My friends would say that I would change everything in my home on a daily basis if I could. Why? I think I just tend to love so many different styles, that one day I’m really feeling the calm and breezy look, and the next I’m in the mood for some bold and bright!

So I decided that it was time to finally make up my mind. I painted my main floor walls a mix of neutrals…cool tans and grays. Have I mentioned that I LOVE the colors! Now I could go on and on about this but I will stop right here. We are talking about a rug here, or I was supposed to be talking about a rug.

So anyways…I brought in calm and cool colors and decided to bring in my bold and bright side with a gorgeous rug from Rugs USA. I went back and forth looking at their website. Ohhh…ahhhhhh. I love this, I love that. Finally I saw a blog post about this rug; The Chroma Mosaic Medallion Rug…isn’t she a beauty!


Please excuse the one who lives on the couch…our family bulldog. This rug is everything I wanted. Bold, bright, really ties the room together and the quality of the rug is simply amazing! So if you are looking for rugs to add to your home, I highly suggest checking out Rugs USA. The biggest problem you will have is deciding which color and size you need.

Happy shopping!

**Disclaimer: There was no compensation for product or blog post.**

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