Where do you keep your cosmetics?

I love my cosmetics! I love trying different shades and changing up the color schemes for the different seasons. I am into the brown and purple shades, however, trying something new is never a bad thing. So of course, my cosmetics never have a home. They are spread out everywhere. Little bags help but eventually the eye shadows end up getting broken and the eye liner smears all over the bag, which of course, gets all over everything else. I have been on a search for something that could hold all of my makeup and be stylish enough to sit out on the vanity. Then I thought of it! Why not buy something that I grew up using? Caboodles!
Caboodles has several different cases to help keep you organized. You can choose choose from the Petite or the Grand Train Cases. These two are my favorite because they are simple to open and close and I love the styles. The Petite Train Case comes in styles called Makeup Maven, Ooh La La, My Style, Two-of-a-Kind, Pretty Woman, All Dolled Up, Treasure Collector, and Prima Donna. The Petite Cases are great for the little ones. My daughter loves to be like her mommy and watches me almost every morning when I put on my makeup. She watches me put everything away in my caboodle, and that is why I had to get her one. I bought her little chap sticks and nail polishes so that she could put items in her caboodle, and she keeps it safe in her room. They are great to have and really keep our makeup, or even your little personal items to yourself.

The Grande Train Cases come in a variety of patterns and colors as well. My favorite is the Adore which comes in the Faux Croc. This Caboodle is very chic, and has four open trays, and a locking latch. I am sure many have some items that you would like to be kept away without any little fingers getting a hold of them. This is great for my makeup because my little ones will sneak in their and have a field day with my makeup, and come out looking like they are ready for Halloween.
Caboodles can be found at many stores, here are a few that are known; Target, Walmart, Walgreen’s, and Harmon. The prices range from $5-$40 and are well worth the money. The Holidays are arriving fast, and many are already starting their Christmas shopping. Caboodles would make a great gift for anyone, and are found at a retailer near you.
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American Girl Reading

Not only does American Girl have dolls that every girl desires, but they also have a variety of books as well to keep their minds growing. Your daughter can now have their American girl sitting in their own chair while listening to them read from one of their book collections. Girls will love to read even more when it is about their favorite dolls!
There are books for every preference. Does your child love mysteries? There is a collection that would be great for you to get for the holidays! Once the snow comes, your child can go on a mystery ride with all of their favorite books! They can relax indoors after playing outside and will dive right into titles such as “The Tangled Web: A Julie Mystery,” and “Clues in the Shadow: A Molly Mystery.” You can select the books from the doll that your daughter loves! You can purchase the Paperback for $6.95 or the Hardback for $10.95 online at American Girl.
You can choose from several other categories as well; such as Contemporary Fiction, Historical Fiction, Activities, Self, Spirit, & More, Movies & Music, and Games & Puzzles. Your child can learn how to cope with changes once they enter Middle School with “A Smart Girl’s Guide to Starting Middle School.” The book sells for only $9.95 and your child will gets tips and other advice on the changes that come from going to a new school. There are also other books that can give advice for different things that can happen. There is the “Smart Girl’s Guide to Style,” where your little one can learn to have fun with fashion and select styles on what works best for them with their own personality shining through.
Do not miss out on several other fantastic books as well! There are so many that your child will love to read, and will keep close to them just like they do their American Doll. Perfect for the holidays, and a great addition for every girl’s room.

Do you like to clean and be Eco-Friendly?

What comes to your mind when you hear “Eco Clean?” I think of a great company who sells cleaning products that are safe for the environment, as well as for the people who use them. There are many cleaning products on the market, but when I have to choose, Eco-friendly is definitely a benefit that sways my decision.
Eco Clean, an indigenous Denmark, non-toxic cleaning collection is made from pure, Danish ingredients. Features a special foaming option nozzle which minimizes the exposure of vapors, making it particularly useful for people with allergies.
This cleaning product is free of harmful petro chemicals, and the cleaning products are combined with natural ingredients, essential oils, and a single natural amino acid in each. You will be amazed with the cleaning it can do, and will throw away your old cleaning supplies. There is a cleaner for each room in a fabulous scent!
Each cleaner is only $4.49, but prices may vary depending on which retailer you buy from. You will love the results. The Eco Clean  Dish Soap comes in Apple and Thyme, and the Kitchen Counter Cleaner comes in Orange and Rosemary. The Spicy Lavender is the scent for the All Purpose Cleaner, and the Lavender and Mint is the Bath Cleaner. The scents alone have me hooked!
Wait, we are not done. The Eco Clean Toilet Cleaner comes in Cool Mint, and the Glass Cleaner is White Tea and Sage. Make sure you keep your hands clean with the Eco Clean Hand Wash that comes in Grapefruit and Lemon, or Lavender and Wild Fruits.
Start your collection today of this fantastic Eco-Friendly cleaning line and purchase at Eco Clean Scandinavia, Alice.com, and also sold in Duane Reade stores in NYC.
*Disclaimer: Financial compensation was not received for this post. A sample product was gifted from Eco Clean. Opinions expressed here are my own.*

Fat Brain Toys

It is that time of year again, and as we many not even be close to holiday shopping…we think it is never too early to start marking things off of your list.
If you do not like to go out to the store and have to deal with all of the chaos that can occur in the stores, then here are some online shops that are great to stop by for quality products for your little ones. Fat Brain Toys has a variety of toys that will keep your little ones playing for hours. Not only do their items keep your little ones happy, but they also educate them. Their site makes it easy for you to find the right items for  your special little ones. Their featured toys tab has some of their hottest items for you to select, and they are the best sellers of the shop. They have the Learning Calendar  is great to have, and will give your little one the knowledge they need. They can find out almost anything from this calendar about earth. There are 365 facts in the calendar! They will never get tired of reading the new and exciting fact for each day, and it would also benefit them in the classroom when they are learning about their planet.
Here is another item, Inchimals. You get 12 wooden blocks that are an inch big, and the colors and the numbers on the blocks will get your little one’s mind going. They will love to play with these block animals, and distinguish between colors and numbers as they do. Does your child like to build? Check out their Twig collection. Their little minds will be going as they build several different towers. The colors will intrigue them and they will learn a variety of things while playing with this collection.

H2O Plus

What type of face products do you use? Do you look for a  product that will help with oil, or one that can help to prevent blemishes. When you go to a store, the amount of brands that there are  can be overwhelming. You could stand in  front of the same aisle for a half an hour or more. Is it worth it?
Well, many women and men have turned to other sources. You see the ads for products that claim to help with any facial need you may have, but you will only know when you spend the initial payment of $19.95 and $19.95 for every other month after. I personally do not want to have to make that commitment for a face cleanser.
The Oasis Oil-Free collection has a variety of products that can fit your needs. You can purchase their bestseller, the Face Oasis Hydrating Treatment for $34.00, and see what everyone is raving about. H2O Plus has listed their key elements in this product:
“Multivitamin Complex: A supercharged blend of vitamins A, C & E that helps increase skin’s elasticity while delivering powerful antioxidants to help repair and prevent cell damage.
Phospholipids: Cellular compatible microspheres that deliver active ingredients within the epidermal layers while helping to improve skin texture.
Hydrating Marine Blend: A triple-powered synthesis of marine botanicals that optimizes skin’s moisture balance while bolstering free radical resistance.
•Wakame: Brown kelp fronds harvested from the Sea of Japan; energizes skin’s natural functions and recharges tone
•Sea Lettuce: Dewy yellow-green leaves cultivated from the coast of Brittany, France; supports skin-firming collagen and elastin
•Fennel: Waxy green ribbons abundant along rocky English sea cliffs; empowers skin to resist aging environmental damage” ~H2O Plus

The hydrating product helps to diminish fine lines…who would not want this? There is also hydrating products for your eyes, for overnight, or you could purchase kits for a daily routine. The Oasis Daily Hydrating System is a $51 value and is sold for only $40. This product will rid away makeup while keeping in moisture to help diminish fine lines.

There are several other items that are in the Oasis Hydrating collection as well that you would love! Go to H2O Plus to see what could work best for you.

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Good Enough for the Holidays

We have several recipes that are great to enjoy! I would LOVE to share a quick and easy one with you this week. Corn Muffins are always a hit with the company. What my husband and I have done recently is add jalapenos to the mix. It is a great way to add some flavor, and depending on how much you add, there can be a kick of heat or just enough for extra flavor to the corn muffin mix.



It is a simple recipe:
Follow the instructions to the corn muffin mix when preparing and mixing the ingredients. Before you pour the batch into a pan to be baked, clean the jalapenos and dice them up. You can leave them in larger pieces if you like depending on your preference. I love spicy food, however, when I have company, I do not want to have them reaching for water constantly! You must try this recipe, and only use a few jalapenos to begin with. That way you can tell if you would like them to be a little more spicy. Add the diced jalapenos to the corn muffin mix, and then pour into the pan. You then would follow the remainder of the instructions on the baking time and temperature form the box.


I am always looking for a cleaning product that is safe for the environment, and it can clean as well. I like to have a variety of cleaning products from many different brands that are Eco, and now you can start to see more and more Eco-friendly cleaning products on the market. One that I would like to bring to every ones attention is Bon Ami. This product does not have the harsh chemical smells as many do, and it cuts the grime and grease just as the other products do. You can get a different cleaning product for each chore in the house.
This product is great because there are no chemicals added! Bon Ami believes in being simple. “Simple ingredients have been the base of our cleaning powder since it was first created in 1886. Why ruin a great thing?” ~Bon Ami
Here are just some of the ingredients that are used in their cleaning products. Do not worry, you do not need to break out the dictionary for these ones because they are items that you have heard before.
  • Baking Soda…. what does baking soda help to do best? Why that is eliminate those nasty odors that seem to arrive with dirt and grime and other bacteria that likes to try and survive.
  • Biodegradable cleaning agents from corn, coconut, and palm. Yes, I did say corn, coconut, and palm. Now your food can help you clean!
  • Biodegradable preservatives.
  • Citric Acid.
  • Corn Alcohol.
  • Epsom Salts.
  • Essential Oils.
  • Feldspar.
Those are just a few, but all of the ingredients are safe and gentle, and are ingredients that you know. Bon Ami has 4 different products; powder cleanser, dish soap, all-purpose cleanser, and liquid cleanser. You can purchase these products online at Bon Ami.
The powder cleanser is great to have. Something that may shock you about this formula, is that it is gentle and safe enough to use on glass. People used to clean their glass with this formula and it did not scratch the window, and it was spotless! How many other powder cleansers can do the same?
You have to try them all to truly be able to benefit from their products. You can buy a single product, or in bulk for a friend, and everyone will love their results.
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